Whether your tile or masonry project is indoors, or will endure the harsh Ohio winters, we've got maintenance free solutions to add lasting beauty to your home and property. We Specialize in custom design masonry and tile work, and have pioneered a surface finishing solution known as Plastone.


If you need something laid with mortar, we're your guys. All traditional masonry services are offered at a reasonable rate, with a free estimate. Brick, block, stone, and concrete are the foundation of our business, and the foundation of your home. We start there, and the skies the limit.


The transformation of your home or business, with the introduction of tile, is truly magic. An ordinary floor, wall or ceiling can be elevated well beyond the sum of its parts, and we're professionals at seeing that diamond in the rough. We offer design and install services for any material. Porcelain, marble, ceramic, glass and stone installations are reasonably priced and come with a free estimate. Design ideas are always free, and we can even help you pick out materials with our contractor pricing on some of the best stuff in the states!


You've never seen a product like this! We take a secret mix of sand, cement, water, color powder and bonding agents, combined with real stone materials, and plaster them on vertical surfaces. This material is then hand shaped into lots of individual stone. What shape, color, and size stone and grout joint is up to you! We use iron oxide U.V. safe colorings to make them even more colorful and stay that way. Then we cover the entire surface with a penetrating sealer to keep the weather out. Old dirty basement walls can be made to look like beautiful stone walls in no time. If your old brick chimney is discolored and you want it to look amazing... Plastone. Any surface can be covered and the best part is that it's all maintenance free. You'll just admire, not perspire. Store bought cultured stone is only colored on the surface, and when cut, will show the ugly aggregate that holds it together. Plastone walls are colored ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE STONE! And you never have to deal with tiny pieces or ugly cuts... it's made special for your job, and all at a cost about the same as the store bought stuff your neighbors all bought in a box. Its a custom look, unlike any other job in the world for the same price as retail garbage. As always; all estimates and consultations are free.

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